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Currently working on TrickShot using Unreal Engine 4.

"TrickShot" is a fast-paced, skate-trick multiplayer shooter where players dodge bullets and take out opponents as they skate ramps, grind, parkour, complete tricks, and kills for the most points to win. Pick between Hoverskates or Hoverboards.

Imagine combining the movement and tricks of Tony Hawk Pro Skater, Jet Set Radio, & SSX Tricky with shooters like Overwatch & Fortnite.


>PAX Online Indie Showcase Selection - Sept 2020
>Blaze / Fiverr - Ultimate Game Idea - 1st Place - June 2020
>PAX East 2020 “PAX Rising” Selection - February 2020
>DreamHack Dallas “Best Multiplayer” Award - June 2019

Lee Perez - CEO & Game Director - Experienced entrepreneur and CEO of 3 startups. Former Indie Studio & Indie Publisher Producer. Shipped 15+ PC/Console/Mobile games since 2007.

Eric Apple - Lead Programmer & Designer, Electro-Mechanical Engineer & Skater.


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